1. Why Do You Need A License To Become A Real Estate Agent In Florida?

Real Estate Services include any real estate activity involving compensation for performing the service for another. Anyone who performs any of the Real Estate Services for another person for compensation of ANY TYPE (even referral fees) MUST be licensed, unless specifically exempted by law. If you provide Real Estate Services for compensation without a Valid, Current and Active Real Estate License it is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Punishable by a THIRD DEGREE FELONY which carries a fine of $5,000.00 and or up to 5 years in jail.

2. Can I get a Florida Real Estate License if I'M not a citizen of the USA or Florida Resident?

Applicants may be nonresidents of Florida Citizenship and Florida Residency are NOT requirements for licensure.

3. What are the qualifications to become a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate?

A. Academic requirements
     Take and complete FREC Course I at an approved institution or school
      (Florida Real Estate School.com is an approved school)
     - Pass 63 hour FREC course I by taking class exam with a Grade of 70 or higher on the end-of-course exam
     - 100 question worth 1 point each and is normally organized with 45 questions on principles and practices, 45 questions on real estate law and 10 math questions.
      - Complete 45 hrs of POST LICENSE education before first renewal (18-24 months) or license is void (start over): 14 hrs of continuing education every 2 years thereafter
B.   18 years of age or older
C.    High school diploma or equivalent
D.    Good character and reputation

4. What are the qualifications to become a Florida Real Estate Broker?

Broker experience requirements

- Must fulfill 24 months' real estate experience during the 5-year period preceding becoming licensed as a broker (Sales Associate 45-hour post license course must be completed before enrolling in the broker course.)

- May be employed by: (1) one or more active brokers; (2) government agency as employee performing real estate licensee duties; or (3) out-of-state broker licensee for 24 months during the preceding 5 years.

- May apply out-of-state or out of country experience.

- Time working for owner-developer does not qualify.

- If licensed out of state, the application must include a notarized letter from the state's real estate commission certifying the time periods that the applicant was actively licensed. And the licensee's disciplinary history.

- Must have completed the 45 hour salesperson post-license education requirements if became licensed as a Florida Salesperson since Jan. 1, 1989.

License examinations

- Examination consists of multiple-choice questions and is administered as a computerized test 100 question test similar to salesperson but with a full closing statement. Pass school exam with a 70% and has up to two years after completing FREC course II to take state exam and pass with a 75%.

- Must complete 60 hours (two 30 hours courses) of post license education during the first license period (18-24 months) or broker's license becomes null and void after first renewal, a broker would need 14 hours of continuing education course every 2 years thereafter (like the salespersons).

5. Seven steps to obtain a Florida Real Estate License?

I. Enroll in our Sales Associate Pre-license course Online

II .Apply for your Florida Real Estate License (State Application see question 7.)

III. Obtain your Electronic Finger Prints (vendors provided inside your course)

IV. Pass our final exam with a grade of 70% or greater and receive a course completion slip (slips are mailed every Sunday unless a rush requested is asked)

V. Wait for the national testing vendor to notify you that you are eligible to take the State exam. *******TAKE OUR CRAM COURSE WHILE YOU ARE WAITING. ********

VI. IMPORTANT: Bring the course completion slip we provided you to the state exam testing site. (Must be the original. DO NOT BRING A COPY!)

VII. Pass the state exam with a grade of 75% or better within TWO years of passing the online course. THATS IT, YOU WILL HAVE YOUR LICENSE!

6. How do I reserve a seat to take the State Exam with Promissor AND when will I receive my course completion slip?

Course Completion slips are sent to you within 7 days. (some courses you will be allowed to print the slip immediately after completion) DO NOT SET UP YOUR STATE EXAM UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR COURSE COMPLETION SLIP. Be sure to bring your course completion slip to the Testing Center. If you did not receive your course completion slip and it's been over 7 days from when you completed your end of course exam email customer service.

You can take the Florida State Exam in any of the 48 States with over 164 Locations (NEW: the exam can be taken out of the country)

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Click this link to view all 164 locations of testing sites.

Take me to make an online reservation to sit for the Florida State Exam.

(Must be approved to make a reservation to sit for the state exam)

7. Where do I apply to get my Florida Real Estate License Online

Link To Apply for Florida Real Estate License
- DBPR has 30 days to notify applicant of errors or omissions
- Applicant must be approved or denied within 90 days after receipt of correct application
- Background check by DBPR
- Once applicant is considered qualified, the DRE notifies the national testing vendor
- Vendor notifies applicants that they are eligible to take state license examination
- Grade of 75 or higher required on license exam

8. What is our refund policy?

All Products purchased from our bookstore have a strict no refund or exchange policy.  The student will have 7 days to complete section 1 of their online course, and as long as the purchaser of the online course requests a refund BEFORE the student starts section 2, and its within 7 days of their enrollment date, simply call us or click this link.   Returns and we will refund your online course tuition payment in full.  (excludes exam prep courses, which have a no refund policy)

9. What if I fail the school exam?

(Sales and Broker Pre-license and Post License courses:  If the student fails the online end of course Final exam the first time, according to the rules of the Florida Real Estate Commission, it requires a wait of thirty days (but no longer than one year from the date of your enrollment) before retaking the end of course Final Exam. (no charge for retake) The student can review the course before taking the final exam again. If the student fails the course the second time he or she will be required to repeat the entire online course again and pay the full tuition fee. Take as much time as you need to complete the course. You will have up to ONE full year from your enrollment date to successfully complete the pre license course.

Continuing Education Courses (depends on the option you selected (one time enrollment, one exam OR the unlimited attempts)

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