Insurance Courses

We are now partnering with OnLine Training, Inc. to bring you the best Insurance Courses in Florida,

INCLUDES: Pre-Licensing, Designation, and Continuing Education


Florida Real Estate School is now partnering with OnLine Training to provide high-quality online insurance and other courses at an affordable price. We treat each of our students individually while providing a quality education available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Why Choose Our School

  • Our courses are completely online and are completely self contained, except where required by law (Some courses require state manuals which must be purchased separately)
  • Our school is properly licensed so you are not wasting your time taking a course that is not approved.
  • Instructors respond via email and in group forums with phone calls as needed.
  • Every unit has a multiple choice quiz to help you prepare for the final exam (pre-licensing and designation courses)
  • Extensions are available if you don't complete your course on time.
  • The entire course is online. You can begin your course as soon as you enroll.
  • You can trust that your student records will be maintained and all necessary reporting to the state will be handled properly.


You will understand the meaning "you get what you pay for" with our school!

Be careful about choosing low-cost courses from other schools!
You can trust that your student records will be maintained and any necessary reporting to the state will be handled properly, protecting not only your license but also your valuable time you spent taking the course. Be careful, there are a lot of low price courses offered through national insurance schools that are not properly approved, and often these schools are out of business in a matter of months, leaving students stranded wasting all their valuable time spent taking the course. 

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