14- Hour Florida Real Estate CE Online Course for BOTH Sales Associates and Brokers Combo Includes Ethics and Law

-35 % 14- Hour Florida Real Estate CE Online Course for BOTH Sales Associates and Brokers Combo Includes Ethics and Law

Online 14 Hour Continuing Education Course Combo Includes Specialty, Ethics and Law Updates

Sales Associates and Brokers Required to Renew 
Course with ONE exam attempt.

Course Includes 8 hour specialty credits, 3 hour law credits, and 3 hour ethics credits.
Totaling 14 Hours of CE Credits (meets the new 2018-2019 requirements).

Option 1  (Fully Narrated Course)  

  • Online 14 Hour Continuing Education Course Sales Associates and Brokers Required to Renew their license.
  • 1 attempt to successfully pass the 30 question open book exam.
  • 24 /7 live instructor support by permitted instructor.
  • 12 month enrollment period.

Hours Approved
Continuing Education8 hour specialty CE credits, 3 hour law CE credits, 3 hour ethics CE credits Totaling 14 Hours of CE Credits (meets the new 2018-2019 requirements).
Live Support
Live Instructor support 24 /7 live instructor support by permitted instructor.
End of Course Exam
Multiple Attempts1 attempt to successfully pass the 30 question open book exam.

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Upon successful completion of this course, the student will SATISFY the educational requirements to renew their Florida Sales Associate or Broker license.

Get instant exam results, nothing to mail or fax.

You can trust that your student records will be maintained and any necessary reporting to the state will be handled properly, protecting not only your license, but also your valuable time you spent taking the course. Be careful, there are a lot of low price courses offered through other real estate schools that are not properly approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission, and often these schools are out of business in a matter of months, leaving students stranded and wasting all their valuable time spent taking the course.    Click Here to view our active and current schools license

Note: All materials are included with this course the entire course is online there is NOTHING that needs to be mailed to you. You can begin your course as soon as you enroll. 

Every licensee must pass the (open book) end of course exam to successfully complete their CE requirements to renew their Florida Sales or Broker real estate license. 

All active or inactive licensed real estate Sales-associates (salespersons) and Brokers are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education which includes a final exam every two years. Licensee's must renew prior to their license expiration date. (**see NOTE below if this is your FIRST renewal of your Florida Sales-associate or Brokers license) 

Your renewal date is determined by the date of licensure. Check for your renewal notice or current license to verify the license expiration date. 


Take the training from your office wearing a suit or from your home in your pajamas ---it's up to you. You can start and stop the course as many times as you want, and we'll keep bookmarks for you so you can easily return to wherever you last left off.

Doing your Florida Real Estate License C.E. Requirements does not require expensive and time consuming real estate school classroom attendance. This online courses is FREC approved. 

You can complete the course on your schedule as fast or slow as you wish. No commuting nor classroom holdbacks. Millions of students have successfully used online learning to get all types of licenses and degrees.

The quality of the program, NOT the price, makes all the difference in the world. 

Most courses are designed with a student reading text, just like reading a book. After reading 8 pages you'll feel like you are ready for a nap.

With the average course being over 250 pages, that a lot of reading and napping you will be doing. Our school provides you the option of learning without having to read the text. That's right! Our course is taught the way you would learn it in a classroom. We will provide you a slide with the animated material, and the course instructor will lecture you on each slide you are viewing (don't worry, for those who like to see the text, you can still view the instructor's words by pressing the closed caption button in the course). You can go through the course as fast or as slow as you want. Our course doesn't require you to spend any specific time on any one chapter, so you can move forward on sections you might already be familiar with or spend extra time on chapters you need to learn. Each slide has a number, so you can stop, where you left off and return by logging back into your course.

** NOTE : If this is your FIRST renewal of your license (Resident or non-resident) you must complete the Post License Course (45 hours for Sales-Associates or 60 hours for Brokers or you will lose your license. There is no grace period or exceptions to this law.) (see our post license courses above)

All of our courses come with LIVE 24 hour, 7 day a week unlimited Instructor support! 

All of our Florida real estate school instructors are licensed by the Florida Department of Business Professional and Regulation. Some real estate schools claim that you can talk to a real estate instructor, but transfer the call to what they call “tutors” or “counselors.” Who are not licensed by Florida as a real estate instructor. You should get the help you need by someone who is 100% knowledgeable on the material you are learning!

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