For millions of Americans, the last 3 years have given them a renewed perspective on their life and careers. Between COVID-19 and the preexisting mental health crisis in our country, many have realized that burnout is not a badge of honor, and that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to work-life balance. It can (and should!) look differently for everyone.

  • With that said, many corporate employees are feeling discouraged and disengaged, and thus are demanding more from their employers. This includes better health benefits, realistic work hours, flexible schedules, and better working environments, just to name a few. Some companies are delivering, but others are struggling to keep up.

    Lucky for us in the real estate industry, we figured it out a long time ago! Empowering existing and prospective real estate agents with autonomy and flexibility in their careers is our bread and butter. Many of our students - whether they’re fresh out of college or seasoned professionals - come to us feeling “stuck” or “trapped.” Some are uncertain of their current career path and want a fresh start, while others want a flexible side gig to supplement their 9-5. We also have some “empty nesters” who want a productive yet flexible and fun way to fill their time.

    Whether you’re actively seeking your Florida real estate license, or identify with the 65% of employees seeking a new job but don’t know where to start, this blog is for you! Read on to learn how studying for your real estate license online can help you take back your career, or kick start it altogether. We will cover

    • Why 2023 is an ideal time to study for your real estate license online
    • The benefits of studying for your real estate license online versus in-person
    • What to look for when assessing real estate license online education programs

    Why consider studying for your real estate license online in 2023?

    Your current job is flexible

    As the impact of the pandemic eases, some employees are still reaping the work-life balance benefits that remote work has enabled. Many have embraced this as an opportunity to learn a new skill, take on a side hustle, or pursue a new full-time career altogether.

    You’ll become your own boss

    As corporate companies begin rolling out return-to-office plans, some employees are feeling uneasy. In fact, one study found that 1 in 3 professionals would look for another job if forced to return to the office.

    Some employees feel more productive at home or their remote office of choice (i.e. a coffee shop, a coworking space, or even the beach!), some fear that they’ll lose their newfound sense of freedom and flexibility, and some simply love the comfort of wearing what they want “at work” each day! As a real estate agent, you’ll dictate your hours and schedule, your vacation time, your dress code, and the location of your “office!”

    You’ll help people

    As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has transformed how people think about work and life. Now, more than ever, people are looking for purpose and meaning, and to make a difference. A career in real estate helps you do just that!

    You don’t need a college degree

    For some, college just isn’t the right fit. Others can’t afford it and/or want to avoid a pile-up of student debt. This is especially true now with the ongoing impact of the pandemic, as what exactly you’re paying for may feel unknown and unpredictable. But, these factors need not prevent you from a successful career! Pursuing your real estate license online is a great way to enhance your education, meet new people, and build a career - but with more predictability and at a fraction of the cost.

    The market is hot in Florida (and shows no signs of cooling down!)

    Despite the impact of the pandemic, Florida is still seeing exceptionally high growth. As reported by Vaster, a private lender for residential properties and commercial properties

    • More people than ever before are moving to Florida for its fairer weather
    • Interest rates are low (and this trend will likely continue)
    • Homebuilding is increasing
    • Multifamily real estate, along with vacation rentals, are becoming strong investment opportunities
    • Vacation rentals are growing in popularity
    • Rapid growth is occurring across the entire state

    Why Get Your Real Estate License Online Instead of In-Person?

    In-person courses are unpredictable

    In-person courses across all industries are subject to change. By enrolling in a real estate license online course, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your classes won’t be postponed or cancelled.

    You’ll save time

    eLearning typically requires 40% to 60% less time learning than traditional classrooms. You eliminate the commute to and from your class site and don’t need to plan your entire schedule around your coursework.

    You’ll learn and retain more (^ in less time!)

    eLearning students learn almost 5 times more material and retain between 25% and 60% more information than in-person learning. Instead of sitting through hours of lectures with minimal breaks, struggling to keep up with the pace of the class, and retaining everything the first time you learn it, you can learn on your own time.

    You’re more likely to stick with it

    elearning increases retention rates by 25-60%, compared to the 8-10% retention rates of in-person training.

    You’ll get the best of both worlds

    We can’t speak for all online courses, but with Florida Real Estate School, we like to think of it as the best of both worlds. Taking one of our online courses in real-time feels like a classroom, since a live instructor is teaching you, yet is still self-paced as you can repeat the course material as many times as you need to. We combine the instruction of a classroom with online on-demand flexibility.

    What Should I Look For in a Real Estate License Online Program?


    Finding the right online real estate course and navigating the license application process should feel simple and intuitive. Look for a program that will make all of the necessary steps as seamless as possible, so that you can focus on learning!

    Personalized guidance & support

    If you type a few words into a search bar, you’ll be bombarded with inconsistent information about how to earn your license and start practicing real estate in the sunshine state. There are a variety of real estate courses to consider, depending on whether you’re getting your license for the first time, maintaining your license, or satisfying continuing education requirements. Everywhere you look you get a different answer. It can feel overwhelming, so any program you consider should support you through the process from start to finish and feel like a trusted resource.


    As of January 2021, less than 50% of first-time test takers passed the Florida Sales Associate state exam. You can’t cut corners if you want to earn your real estate license and pass the exam the first time, so your program shouldn’t cut corners with the quality of courses and resources they offer. Look for benefits like 24/7 instructor support, accountability processes, and practice tests. Yes, high quality may mean a higher price point, but it also means more thorough preparation in less time!


    You should always test drive a car before you buy it, right? The same goes for your real estate license online program. If you’re considering a program, make sure you can demo the course before you commit.


    Ensure sure the programs you’re considering have the right accreditations and permits, including:

    • Florida Department of Business and Professionals Regulations permitted instructors
    • Full accreditation by the Florida Real Estate Commission
    • Florida DBPR Approved School Perm<

    Local market experience

    There are requirements and other nuances that often vary by state. So, if you’re a resident of Florida, your program should have extensive experience that is specific to that state.

    What’s next?

    Are you ready to start a career or side hustle in real estate?

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