• Textbook for Sales Associate Pre-License Course- Florida Principles, Practices & Law. NEW 47th Edition Updated for 2024
  • This book is NOT required but we recommend getting this book as a supplement to the online course.  This book is used to teach students taking the course in a traditional classroom.  Both this textbook and our online course follow the 2023-FREC I Syllabus. The textbook is NOT an exact match for the content you are learning within our online course. However, it's another way to study and absorb the material with different explanations and is recommended by our real estate instructors to study from. (This book has an index, glossary, and several practice questions and practice exams with the answer key.)

    Updated for 2024

    "Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law sets the standard for real estate education in Florida. This edition contains major updates to conform with the revised Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) Sales Associate Course I Syllabus."